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MSCRM :: Execute Workflow from Javascript

After reading a few blog, and retyping screen show please see below. Orginal Blog Click Here The above is running a unique workflow that I have to Clone a Opportunity Product with help from Dynamics-365-Workflow-Tools

MSCRM :: IntelliSence for Dynamics 365

How to configure intellisence with XRM syntaxes in your Jscript/TypeScript files. To enable IntelliSence, you need to install xrm npm package to your Visual Studio. Steps to install NPM package: To install npm package, you need to download and install a Visual Studio extension : Package Installer Post installation, from your Visual Studio, select ‘Quick Install Package’ from…
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MSCRM :: Xrm.WebApi Dealing with different field types

After getting extreamly frustrated and not being able to find and help/blogs regarding this topic here is the information that defines how to deal with different fields types when creating a data object for either Xrm.WebApi.createrecord, or Xrm.WebApi.updaterecord.